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Dairy Sheep & Goat Online Conference 2022 Promoting the DS&G Online Conference to 12th November 2022

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12 November 2022, 12:00 PM

Welcome DSG Conference 2022

A Talk by Jo Child, Renzo Di Florio, Phillipa Page, Piet Vellema, James Wetlor, Clare Whittle, HIPRA and Friars Moor Livestock Health Friars Moor Livestock Health, Ceva Animal Health, Flock Health Ltd, formerly head of the Department of Small Ruminant Health at Royal GD, Deventer, the Netherlands, Cabrito, Dung Beetles for Farmers, SPONSOR & SPONSOR

The Annual Dairy Sheep and Goat Conference has world class lectures on aspects of Dairy Sheep and Dairy Goat production and medicine, aimed at all small ruminant farmers, vets, advisors, nutritionists and suppliers. A combination of quality science and practical information given to an audience of farmers and vets.



12:00 - Welcome DSG Conference 2022 - YOAV / JO

12:05 to 12:35 (30 mins) - James Whetlor Presentation

12:40 to 13:25 (45 mins) Piet Vellema - Challenges for the Dutch dairy goat industry

13:20 to 13:45 BREAK OUT / COMFORT BREAK / SPONSOR pre-recorded video HIPRA 

13:50 to 14:35 (45 mins) Phillipa Page - Tackling Lameness in Dairy Sheep & Goats

14:40 to 15:25 (45 mins) Clare Whittle - Dung Beetles- Farmer friendly eco warriors!

15:30 to 16:05  (45 mins) Renzo Di Florio - Q Fever - a disease with underestimated consequences

16:10 to 16:15 - Yoav & Jo - Thank you / Close

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Phillipa Page


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